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single channel video installation with stereo sound

7 minutes, loop, color, Dimensions variable

The plan for this product was inspired by the experience that the moment when the image of the region attacked by the Great East Japan Earthquake was viewed it overlapped with the image of burnt ruins of Hiroshima immediately after the attack of an atomic bomb.

During the procedure of summarizing the key words such as “déjà vu vs right in front” and “fiction vs reality,” it was attempted to connect two opposing concepts with water serving as a medium although it was not sure whether this attempt would be valid. Water is indispensable for life, whereas even a depth of several centimeters of water can cause humans to drown. Thus, water is ambiguous. This product attempts to connect two events at a nodal point made of water which involves a disarray of numerous images such as life vs death, stability vs chaos, rain, waves, and so on.


In one aspect, this product presents an insight into a quite personal memory. At the same time, it is an approach to the ethical question of how we can share a personal experience difficult to talk over.





7分, カラー, サイズ可変




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