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run on the water


single channel video installation

7 seconds, black and white

Dimensions variable


In the creation of this product, high-speed filming was employed to attempt to free from the routine sense of time and the gravitational force. At the same time, the images were enlarged markedly as an attempt of deconstructing the image’s impression “already seen” (déjà vu) and the physical sense of the audience. Our senses which constitute and determine our daily life are thus questioned and verified from multiple angles, to preserve their function of updating our perception.

Art is a medium enabling usually impossible experiences and events by fictional methods. The artist can, at his/her will, flee from oneself by taking some distance from oneself, although the artist’s self is kept preserved. In this way, the artist can coexist in the field of other individuals. We may find a large potential or positive energy in the artist’s attempt of creating a magnetic field shareable with other individuals while adopting a somewhat contradictory stance (the stance of expecting potentials from what is known to be impossible).

run on the water



7 秒, モノクローム, サイズ可変



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