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single channel video projection

6 minutes 49 seconds, color

Dimensions variable

This product, setting “text” and “body” as a theme, illustrates how the mutual impressions are described in a piece of paper.

The word “text” originates from “textus” which is a noun for the Latin verb “texere.” “Textus” means “woven fabric or entanglement.” Derived from this word, the term “text” means “documents created by weaving = main text.” The word “context” was created by the combination of “text” and the prefix “con” (meaning “together”). Thus, “context” means “being combined with the main text,” i.e., “determination of the main text’s meaning by preceding and forthcoming words, phrases, and sentences; anteroposterior relationship.” This product attempts to verify the uncertain aspects of memory in connection with the body on the basis of the hypothesis that memory is formed by countless contexts woven by individuals.

In this product, a piece of paper provides a place for communication, and the text written on this paper by individual participants forms a mutual context. Multiple hands, attempting to write something on the same paper, interfere with and hit each other, resulting in two areas (a writing possible area and a writing impossible area) in the paper. The double context arising from superposing of the context about myself (formed by another individual) over the context about another individual (formed by myself) will inevitably reveal the physical nature while creating a non-recurring new context. The blank created at the center of the paper may be a symbol of discommunication but, at the same time, it looks like a filled void = silence.




6 分 49 秒, カラー, サイズ可変




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