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video work:


single channel video installation with stereo sound

1 minutes 38 seconds, color

Dimensions variable

photo. works: recollection #1- #4 each


Ink-jet print


Production process:

1.  Passengers at an airport are interviewed at random about what they have observed within the aircraft.

2.  The images overlapping with the responses to the interview are selected from the images photographed by the artist.

3.  These images are edited in a manner matched to the speed of each interviewee’s speech and the interval of his/her talk and breathing.

The theme for this product is the act of “recollection.” Recollection pertains to time which is woven only by personal experience and cannot be converted into the form of information such as language and symbols.

If time is roughly divided into social time (linear) and self-sufficient time (non-linear), the memory accumulated in individuals seems to fall under the category of non-linear time. In his book “Time and Free Will,” Henri-Louise Bergson referred to “pure duration,” saying: “In a word, pure duration might well be nothing but a succession of qualitative changes, which melt into and permeate one another, without precise outlines, without any tendency to externalize themselves in relation to each other, and without any affiliation with number. It would be pure heterogeneity”1).


In this product, recollection serves as a method to approach time which is obscure because it lacks “externalization.” The procedure of sharing the time of another individual recollected and aligning one’s own memory to the time of another individual can be called “memory tuning.”

The product, multiplexing and synchronizing two or more memories, can be viewed as an attempt of creating a real landscape which comes back to our mind although the individual closed areas remain ambiguous.


1)  Henri-Louis Bergson; Time and Free Will, Translated into Japanese by Hiroyuki Hirai, Hakusuisha Publishing Co., Ltd (1990) p.99





138 秒, カラー, サイズ可変

写真: recollection #1- #4





1.  空港で不特定の人に機内で見たものについてインタビ ュー する。

2.  インタビューの内容にオーヴァーラップするイメージ  を、作家が撮影した映像から選ぶ。

3.  インタビュー時の相手が喋る速度や、言葉や呼吸の間 合い に合わせて映像編集する。






1)  アンリ・ベルクソン『時間と自由』平井啓之訳、白水社、1990年、p.99

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