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melting point


single channel video installation with stereo sound

3 minutes 20 seconds, color

Dimensions variable


This product argues about forgetting, which has conventionally been viewed as equivalent to the negative film recording the memory, as one of the important aspects of memory.

If we compare all events perceived and experienced by individuals with the events they can remember, it is evident that memory can function only at the cost of tremendous events forgotten. Following recent remarkable advances in information technology, it is now possible to save and transmit the memory once formed in a form free of change and deterioration. In this sense, humans living in the present age may be viewed as creatures having forgotten to forget events.

Although the information space created by the Internet appears to have overcome the deterioration of the formed memory (records) thanks to the immaterial nature of the space, the truth may be that the inalterability and constancy of the memory are being lost due to the extremely intensified commonality.

The memory which cannot change or is not (cannot be) forgotten loiters like a ghost in the information space and eventually goes out of one’s consciousness although it remains undeleted as a memory (record). Countless links are attached to the depository for such information, and the outline of memory (record) gradually pales out. The memory thus loses its shape and disperses like mist.

In this product, “loss of memory” is depicted as stepwise superposing and subsequent disappearance of multiple images just like the photographic film which becomes totally white due to excessive exposure to light.

Sounds are mixed in a crescendo manner, assuming a form closest to white noise, and the image takes a course of whiting out by means of immaterial mixing (becoming closer to the transparent white color through accumulation of light) rather than a course of material mixing (the color becoming increasingly more dense). That’s a melting point at which every borderline (between memory and forgetting, between others and myself, and so on) becomes invisible, just like the “whiteout” caused by blowing snow under which we cannot identify the sky-land border, direction, distance, etc.  

melting point



3 分 20 秒, カラー, サイズ可変






音は混じり合い、クレッシェンドを伴うことによってホワイトノイズに限りなく近付いていき、映像は色彩が濃厚になっていくような物質的な混合ではなく、光が積み重なることによって限りなく透明な白に近付いていく非物質的な混合によってホワイトアウトしていきます。それは吹雪によって天地の別、方向、距離などが判別不能となる「ホワイトアウト」のように、記憶と忘却、他者と私、その他のあらゆる境界線を見失わせる融解点=Melting pointとなります。

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