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pre-story 01


single channel video installation with stereo sound

2 minutes 30 seconds, color, Dimensions variable

This product has been created as a preview of a movie (a virtual movie not actually planned for creation). Previews usually summarize the coming movies into short pieces of about one to three minutes in duration, thereby effectively sampling the highlight scenes to stimulate the imaginative power of the audience. Previews sometimes reach a higher degree of perfection than the main movies through combining eye-catching visual effects with the condensation of climax images.

Of course, it is correct to say that previews are nothing more than a means of advertisement created under a guest-attracting strategy with full utilization of a variety of common visual codes for the sake of inviting more people to movie theaters. However, I feel much interest in the aspect of a preview which may be called “an image trigger,” i.e., the capability of a preview to allow the audience to imagine his/her preferable story different from the story of the main movie because the preview is prepared by interruption and re-editing of the main story’s axis of time.

When short shots of images (each less than 1 second in duration) are presented in a chain, they unexpectedly arouse previously unseen novel images or stories in the audience although these shots are closely related to the concrete story of the main movie. Imagination depends on the memory in stock. Assuming that the memory undergoes regeneration and updating every time the memory is recollected, we may say that the attempt of creating this preview gives a clue to the creation of never-before-seen (jamais vu) images.

pre-story 01



2 分 30 秒, カラー, サイズ可変




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