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single channel video installation

1minutes, black and white

Dimensions variable


This product was created for the “International Joint Project: Tokyo University of the Arts and Beaux-Arts de Paris” (“International Joint Project” covered by the MEXT National University Functional Reinforcement Program) attending the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2015 (Niigata). Within the theme “nature,” various researches, field works, workshops, and lectures were carried out under this project, finally leading to a performance event “NATURE AND ME: Eleven Dreams” involving 11 pairs of students from both universities. At the closing of the event, pre-school children and school children attending the camp school at Echigo-Tsumari also participated and sung together while wearing natural objects.

<<Aquatree>> is the image of an indigenous fish species “bitterling” (Acheilognathus melanogaster Bleeker) projected onto trees. Now, bitterling is a rare species under the trend of the decrease in the shells of class Bivalvia which provide a place for spawning by bitterling as well as the deterioration of freshwater quality and an increase in the influence from invasive species. The fictional scene of this small freshwater fish released into the forest and swimming within it triggers the audience to become aware of the dilemma, i.e., the ongoing separation between human beings and nature which are essentially difficult to part from each other. It additionally guides the audience to have insight into diverse problems related to nature.

*Presented also at the “GTS Sightseeing Art Project – Sumida River Art Bridge 2012 ‘Forest of Memory’ Image Festival” (Tokyo, 2012).





1分, モノクローム, サイズ可変

本作は越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ2015(新潟)に参加した「東京藝術大学×エコール・デ・ボザール国際共同プロジェクト」(文部科学省国立大学機能強化事業「国際共同プロジェクト」)において制作した作品です。本プロジェクトは「自然」をテーマに様々なリサーチやフィールドワーク、ワークショップ、レクチャーを実施し、最終的には両校の学生各11名がペアとなり『私と自然 11の夢』というテーマによるパフォーマンスイベントとして結実させました。また最後には越後妻有の林間学校に参加した児童や生徒達も参加し、自然物を身に纏って歌も披露されました。


※2012年『GTS観光アートプロジェクト・隅田川Art Bridge 2012「記憶の森」映像祭』 (東京)においても出品。

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