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pre-story 02


single channel video installation with stereo sound

2 minutes 50 seconds, color, Dimensions variable

Images serve as a medium enabling division and reconstruction of contents having the factor of time. Movie is a product of time art expressed as a chain of images cut and edited in such a manner. Among others, movie previews which recombine the once edited images and condense them into a short form of several-minutes duration may be viewed as a typical example of straightforward representation of the time re-editing procedure.

For the creation of this product, each page of a book was torn apart soon after the page was read through. Then, the scattered pieces of the pages were recollected at random and the book was reorganized. These images and urban scenes, appearing in alternating shifts and adopting the form of a preview, serve as a catalyst for the formation of a new memory through inspiring the audience to imagine an absent story, as is the case with <<Pre-story 01>> (2009).

pre-story 02



2 分 50 秒, カラー, サイズ可変


本作では読み終わったページを破り捨て、無作為に拾い集められたその紙片で本を再編していきます。予告編の形式を援用しつつ、都市の風景と交互に現れるそれらのイメージは、《pre-story 01》(2009)と同様、鑑賞者が不在の物語を想像することで新たな記憶を生成する触媒としてあります。

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